One of the quirky, unique things about downtown Brooklyn, NY is its population of stores that sell wigs. It’s the wig capital of the world! I set out to purchase a fun wig as a part of a costume ensemble I'm creating.  

Wigs are serious business, Each store had hundreds of them and have large fitting areas that mimic a backstage dressing room. My interest in a novelty wig opened the flood gates to learning about a beauty culture where women's wardrobe of wigs are as large as their wardrobe of shoes.

My interest in wigs brought out the kindness in people.  From giving directions to coaching help me get matched up with the right wi,.all were supportive of me. Strangers openly shared feedback including my ability to pull off a look.

Wigs brought stranger togethers through the joy of exploring temporary new looks. I made a purchase and left confident about my selection.

When do you do something off the radar that leads you to an uncommon and fun experience?